Concrete Pool Deck Repair

Concrete Pool Deck Repair

Concrete swimming pools are typically durable installations that can last for several decades. But shotcrete, gunite, or concrete walls may develop cracks over time.

Small cracks should not be a problem, but once the cracks grow large enough, the shell will be compromised. That's why you need to do timely concrete pool deck repair to ensure everything is alright.

Conrete Pool Deck Repair

Some Common Pool Deck Issue Facing When Own a Pool

Owning a swimming pool can be an excellent experience for any homeowner until they have issues. So what are common pool deck issues you may face?

Dropped, Sunken, or Settled

It is a typical problem for swimming pools, especially those in areas with four seasons where the weather goes from hot in the summer to freezing in the winter. When it happens, you will have no choice but to get help from experts.

Crack/Wear and Tear

Pool decks might be busy places during summer days. They will get countless foot traffic, dust, dirt, grime, and water splashing.

Over time, these factors will lead to damage like cracks. If left untreated, these problems can be more severe and render the pool unsafe and inoperable.

Exposure to High UV Radiation

Concrete, wood, and masonry are susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Initially, these surfaces will have a dull look and slight color variations.

But with exposure to moisture and weather changes, deterioration will begin. So if you do not handle your pool deck early enough, concrete surfaces will start to break down, resulting in a costly replacement.

Conrete Pool Deck Repair

Why Does Concrete Deck Crack?

The concrete pool deck might crack for the following common reasons:

  • Structural settling
  • Ground movement
  • Poorly mixed concrete
  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • Badly placed control or expansion joints

Concrete Pool Deck Repair: A Step By Step Guide

Troubleshooting Small Cracks

It is simple to handle smaller cracks. Once you have done minor pool deck resurfacing several times, this should be as easy as a breeze. When it comes to larger cracks, we recommend getting help from a professional if you are a beginner and inexperienced.

Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials
  • Chisel
  • Water
  • Wire brush
  • Paint thinner
  • Garden hose
  • Epoxy paste
  • Pre-mixed mortar
  • Trowel or wood float
  • Heavy-duty paint brush
Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Spray your cracked concrete deck with a garden hose. Try to remove debris from the crack as much as possible. Just cleaning it as you would treat an open wound, meaning you need to ensure you get rid of all the bad stuff.

Step 2: Use your wire brush to tap along the edges to find hollow areas of the crack. If a concrete area is higher pitched when taping, it is hollow. Watch the following video to understand the concrete better.

Sounding Concrete

Step 3: Chisel any hollow concrete carefully until you reach solid concrete. Although it sounds like widening the crack, it will help you avoid repairing the same area multiple times.

Step 4: Remove debris from the crack using your wire brush, then let the concrete dry.

Step 5: Always remember that epoxy and mortar usually dry very quickly. So we recommend preparing everything before you begin mixing.

Step 6: Once your working surface has been dry, mix the mortar (if needed) using the trowel. It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.

Step 7: Mix the epoxy paste and the mortar. Again, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Then apply the mortar-epoxy mixture into the cracks using the trowel. Ensure to fill them entirely, as any air pockets can lead to damage later.

Step 8: Smooth your working surface using the wood float and your trowel until it is even with the rest of the concrete surface.

Step 9: Immediately use paint thinner to remove leftover mortar & epoxy mixture from your tools.

Then rinse them with water.

Step 10: Let your treated surface dry for at least one day before walking or putting anything on it.

Note: We recommend regularly checking your concrete pool deck throughout the year. That way, you can do concrete pool deck repair timely. Remember that this deck can crack even if you're not using it.

Bigger Cracks

Applying a mortar & epoxy mixture is sometimes ineffective in fixing concrete cracks, especially larger ones. That's when you need help from the experts, who will decide to 'stitch' or staple cracks closed if the damage is more extensive. It can also help to prevent cracks from opening up later.

Tips To Minimize the Need for Repair

There is no denying that maintenance and repair should go hand in hand when discussing concrete pool decks. If you keep up with the small crack when it appears, it is possible to save yourself a lot of effort and money later.

Frequently pressure washing your pool deck will keep your surface clean, safe, as well as more crack-resistant.

Conrete Pool Deck Repair

BM Wemple - One of the Trusted Pool Builders and Maintenance in Oviedo, Florida

If you feel repairing your concrete pool deck is overwhelming and time-consuming, BM Wemple Pools is always ready to do the job for you. In addition, we also include other pool services, including:

Pool Repair

Our professionals can deal with pool leaks, auto control, plumbing issues, and more. They will inspect your pool and diagnose problems.

If a repair or replacement needs to be done, they will perform it to take the stress out of swimming pool repair so you can enjoy and relax in your pool.

Pool Cleaning

Our professionals will do everything from deep cleaning to yearly pool maintenance. So it is unnecessary to study pool maintenance as we will leave you with a clean, nice pool while you relax on your sofa.

Our pool cleaning service is available in many plans, including:

  • Full service
  • Cleaning service
  • Recovery service
  • Seasonal service
Pool Walkthrough

Besides showing how to get the most out of your recent investment, we will guide you through the basics of the pool systems. Besides, we will label your systems and consider any issues they may have.

We also review what you should do periodically to keep your pool clear, including how to deal with changes and inclement weather.

Pool Draining

BM Wemple experts are always ready to drain your pool professionally. They will also explain why they might ask to drain your pool and how often to do that.

Pool Plumbing

Our professionals deliver various swimming pool plumbing services, including simple leak repairs, elaborate modifications, and more. They will thoroughly check out your equipment and decide whether to make repairs or replacements.

Pool Rock Refurbishing

We can take care of your artificial rock waterfall to keep it in good shape. We can also prevent problems before they arise and find them in the early stages if they do.

Calcium Stain Removal

When you spot calcium deposits in your swimming pool, you can contact us if you don't have the experience or time to deal with them.

Pool Resurfacing

Over time, every part of your swimming pool will wear out, including its interior. BM Wemple Pools experts can resurface your pool to give it a brand new finish, making its appearance better.

Wrapping It Up

So you have reached the bottom of this article. If you feel comfortable enough to do concrete pool deck repair yourself, you can DIY the job according to our instructions.

But if you are uncertain about doing this project, it is wise to hire professionals from BM Wemple. By leaving this project to them, you can save time and stress.

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