How to Install an In floor Pool Cleaning System

How to Install an In floor Pool Cleaning System

Owning a pristine pool can be challenging, especially with cleaning. An in floor pool cleaning system effortlessly keeps your pool immaculate.

This guide explores what they are, how they operate, key features, advantages, and the installation process. Dive in and discover the wonders of in floor pool cleaning systems!

What Is An In Floor Pool Cleaning System?

An in floor pool cleaning system is an automated cleaning solution that is integrated into the floor of your swimming pool. It uses a series of strategically placed nozzles, which pop up and distribute filtered water throughout the pool. This water circulation helps to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants, ultimately keeping your pool cleaner and more enjoyable for swimming.

How An In Floor Pool Cleaning System Works

The in-floor cleaning system functions using a network of pop-up nozzles, water valves, and a dedicated pump. Upon activation, the nozzles emit high-pressure water streams, propelling debris towards the main drain. Subsequently, the filter captures debris, preventing its return to the pool. This method not only ensures a clean pool but also uniformly distributes heat and chemicals, fostering a well-balanced and comfortable swimming experience.

Key Features

  • Pop-up nozzles: The heart of the in-floor cleaning system, these components direct water flow and drive debris towards the main drain.
  • Water valves: These devices manage water flow to the nozzles, ensuring coordinated operation for effective cleaning.
  • Control system: This feature empowers you to tweak settings, like cleaning cycle duration, and oversee your in-floor cleaning system's performance.

Key Benefits

  • Automated cleaning: The in floor pool cleaning system eliminates manual pool cleaning hassles, freeing up more time for pool enjoyment.
  • Enhanced water circulation: The cleaning system fosters improved water circulation, leading to a uniform distribution of heat and chemicals.
  • Energy efficiency: By minimizing the reliance on auxiliary pool cleaning equipment, such as robotic cleaners or manual vacuuming, in-floor cleaning systems conserve energy.
How to Install an In floor Pool Cleaning System

How To Install

Installing an in floor pool cleaning system is optimally carried out during new pool construction or a major renovation. The process entails multiple steps that blend professionalism and fun, encompassing layout design, excavation, plumbing installation, nozzle placement, control system connection, and a thorough test and fine-tuning phase.

  1. Design the layout: Collaborate with a professional pool designer or contractor for optimal nozzle, valve, and component placement.
  2. Excavate the pool floor: Dig trenches in the pool floor to accommodate cleaning system plumbing and nozzles.
  3. Install the plumbing: Connect the plumbing network to the pool's main drain, pump, and filter system.
  4. Install the nozzles: Securely position pop-up nozzles and connect them to the plumbing system.
  5. Connect the control system: Install and link the control system to the plumbing for smooth operation and monitoring.
  6. Test and fine-tune: Post-installation, examine the system and adjust as needed for peak performance.
How to Install an In floor Pool Cleaning System

How To Choose The Right Size And Type Of In Floor Pool Cleaning System

Selecting the ideal in floor pool cleaning system involves considering factors like pool size, shape, usage patterns, surroundings, budget, and warranty. Evaluating these aspects ensures a sparkling and enjoyable pool experience:

  • Pool size and shape: The size and shape of your pool will influence the number of nozzles required for effective cleaning.
  • Pool usage: Pools with high levels of debris, such as those surrounded by trees, may require a more robust cleaning system with additional nozzles or enhanced features.
  • Budget: In floor pool cleaning systems can vary in cost, so be sure to choose a system that fits within your budget.
  • Warranty and support: Look for systems with solid warranties and responsive customer support to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Pros Vs. Cons Of An In Floor Pool Cleaning System

As you assess if an in floor pool cleaning system suits your needs, ponder over the pros and cons with a professional yet fun mindset. Contemplate factors like automation, water circulation, energy efficiency, installation costs, pool type compatibility, and maintenance requirements to make an informed, enjoyable decision.


  • Automatic cleaning: Spend less time on manual pool maintenance and more time relishing your pool.
  • Improved water circulation: Experience a balanced and comfortable swimming environment.
  • Energy efficiency: Lower dependence on auxiliary pool cleaning equipment, resulting in energy savings.
  • Aesthetic appeal: With the system integrated into the pool floor, it remains virtually invisible when inactive.


  • Installation cost: In floor pool cleaning systems can be expensive to install, especially if retrofitting an existing pool.
  • Limited to certain pool types: Not all pool types, such as vinyl liner or fiberglass pools, are suitable for in-floor cleaning systems.
  • Regular maintenance: While the system automates cleaning, it still requires periodic maintenance and possible nozzle replacement.

Maintenance And Troubleshooting

For long-lasting and peak performance of your in floor pool cleaning system, embrace these maintenance tips and troubleshooting suggestions with a professional, fun attitude. Regular inspections, filter cleaning, water chemistry balance, and addressing potential issues like clogged nozzles or plumbing will keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Maintenance tips:
  • Regularly inspect and clean the system's filter to prevent clogs.
  • Periodically check the nozzles for wear and tear, replacing them as needed.
  • Keep the water chemistry balanced to prevent damage to the system components.
  • If nozzles aren't popping up or retracting properly, check for debris or clogs in the plumbing or valves.
  • If the system isn't effectively cleaning the pool, adjust the nozzle settings or inspect the main drain for blockages.
Repairing or replacing parts:
  • Consult your system's user manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance on repairing or replacing damaged components.


An in floor pool cleaning system provides unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and a dazzling pool. Discover their functionality, features, and upkeep essentials to make a well-informed decision. Immerse yourself in a revitalized pool experience by reaching out to B.M. Wemple Pools services today, and relish the perks of a first-class cleaning system!

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