Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning

Annual Pool Cleaning

One of the responsibilities that come with owning a pool is consistently keeping it clean. Cleaning could be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

The daily, weekly and monthly cleaning and maintenance of the pool is to keep it clean all through the year. The annual cleaning and maintenance however will ensure the pool is usable and functional. This is when major fixings and major professional cleanings are done. Here is why you should do a thorough cleaning and check up once a year.

Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning

What Happens When You Do Not Clean the Pool Annually

1. Could lead to health challenges

Annually cleaning your pool could save you from some serious health challenges. When you refuse to do the major cleanings, you are exposing your health and family members to different forms of illness.

The most common and fatal is recreational water illness. RWIs. Some of the symptoms of this include ear infections, diarrhea, inflamed lungs, respiratory infection, and rashes. You can simply prevent the occurrence by cleaning your pool annually.

Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning
2. It could result in blockages and clogs

Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning could involve sweeping, describing and brushing off dirt and debris from the pool. But, annual cleaning involves a more in-depth form of cleaning.

This type of cleaning will include cleaning the pipes and pumps, and checking the lining and the sink. By doing this in-depth cleaning, you can clear clogs and blockages that could prevent water from flowing freely in and out of the pool.

Refusal to do this will lead to clogs and blockages. Once there are clogs and blockages, you may have to do some expensive repairs before the pool can be functional again.

3. Can Cause in slips and falls

One of the hazards of keeping a dirty pool is the likelihood of slips. The accumulation of dirt could form a thick slimy base or wall that can easily lead to slip and fall in the pool.

It is therefore recommended that beyond the routine sweeping and cleaning, the walls and base of the pool should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year.

Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning
4. You will have a green pool

How do you recognize a clean pool? The presence of clear, blue water most times suggests the pool is clean. When the pool is green, it suggests the presence of algae in the pool.

For the effect of the algae to be able to turn the pool green, it must have replicated itself and this can lead to infections, rashes, not to mention it will also make swimming less fun.

The Benefits of Cleaning the Pool Annually

While a dirty pool can cause some embarrassment for you, A clean pool is a pride anytime. You can easily invite your friends and host family events. Aside from this, here are some benefits of cleaning your pool annually.

1. Saves you from unnecessary costs

If your pool is well maintained, one of the things you will realize is less spending. Cleaning your pool frequently and doing a thorough annual cleanup will help you quickly notice and fix the little wear and tears you notice before they become bigger problems.

This will prevent any major expenses in the future. It will also save you from expensive repairs.

2. Longer lasting pool

A well-maintained pool will last longer. Observing and fixing things up before they deteriorate will extend the shelf life of the pool. For instance, dirt and the accumulation of algae lead to weak tiles and linings.

But when you clean them up, you enjoy stronger equipment and lining that can still serve you for years depending on how well you manage them.

Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning
3. Promotes health and well-being:

In this same way a dirty pool can lead to a breakdown in health, a clean pool will also promote your health and well-being. Aside from the fact that the pool water will be inviting and healthy to swim in, it also encourages exercise.

Swimming is a form of exercise and a clean pool will make you feel more enthusiastic about swimming. The result is an all-around healthy state of well-being.

Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning
4. Be Technologically Up to Date

For you to properly clean your pool annually, you need the services of professionals. The professionals will ensure all the sections of your pool are well-inspected and thoroughly cleaned.

They will also employ the use of technological equipment to detect what will naturally escape their physical analysis. One of the advantages of this is that you will stay technologically up-to-date.

You can easily request to upgrade your pool with some technological gadgets and equipment. This will keep your pool in the latest trend at all times.

Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning

How to Clean the Pool Properly

1. Call a Professional

If the goal is to properly clean the swimming pool, then the best hands to handle this are the professionals. Especially since it's just once a year, the normal, daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance can still be handled by you or a cleaning service. But you need the services of a pro for the annual routine cleaning and maintenance.

2. Check the Slides

Often ignored, but still needs cleaning once or twice a tear, is the slide surface like the diving boards. Using professionals will ensure the use of the right cleaning agent and prevent spilling chemicals in the pool.

3. Thorough Bolts, Filter and Cartridges Cleaning

According to the manufacturer's guide, the filters are meant to be disassembled and cleaned at least once a year. The cartridges should be replaced at least once a year. The O-rings also need to be lubricated to enhance the functionality of the pool.

Importance of Annual Pool Cleaning

Clean Your Pool with BMWemple

The health and durability of your pool are dependent on not just the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning. It is more dependent on the easily ignored once-in-a-year cleaning. It is easily ignored because you can't easily do it yourself. For thorough and proper work, you need the services of a professional.

This is why BMW is here for you. They are the best at their jobs. They not only use professionals who are skilled in pool cleaning, but they also engage in the use of the latest technology to get the job done. You should contact them today for your annual pool cleaning.

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