Luxury Pool Cabana Maintenance

Pool Cabana Maintenance

Now that you have your luxury pool cabana, you need to learn how to maintain and keep it functional for as long as possible. This article shares everything you need to know about luxury pool cabanas, why you should maintain them, and how to go about it. Without further delay, let's get into it!

What is a Luxury Pool Cabana?

By definition, a luxury pool cabana is a hut, cabin or tent-like structure that is made up of light weight walls or supports with one open side facing the pool. It is always in close distance to the swimming pool.

You may identify them with these:

  1. Curtains, shades or drapes to block off sunlight
  2. It may incorporate plants as decorative designs
  3. Roofing material options are shingles, wood, metal, polycarbonate sheet, fabric or thatched straws
  4. Flooring is a water resistant non slip flooring
  5. A lounge chair or cushion for resting
  6. One open side facing the pool
Luxury Pool Cabana Maintenance

You may also wonder why people would invest in something so simple. Besides, it may seem unnecessary to invest so much in a luxury pool cabana until you see the benefits. It would interest you to know that the cabana is as important as the pool itself. Here are some benefits of a pool cabana.

  • Create shade on the pool deck - It doesn't speak well of a pool if it doesn't have a space to hide from the sun.
  • Privacy for Changing, and a Nap - This is the second main purpose of a pool cabana.
  • Pool Cabana Amenities - What really points out the luxury level of a modern cabana is the amenities that turn in from a changing room to an outdoor living space.
  • Increases Home Value - Constructing a cabana makes your house of value for you and others that wish to buy your house.
  • Storage Space - A perfect storage room for all your swim essentials.

Importance Of Maintaining A Luxury Pool Cabana

The maintenance of a property is just as important as the property itself. Here are some reasons why you should start maintaining your pool cabana:

  1. Keep the beauty: Maintenance of your luxury pool cabana makes it look new and improved. It makes it suitable for entertaining guests.
  2. Protection: Luxury pool cabana maintenance protects the life of the pool's structures and amenities and keeps it looking its best for years to come.
  3. Increases property value: A well-maintained luxury pool cabana sustains the "luxury" in "luxury pool cabana" and keeps it attractive for potential buyers.
  4. Keep the costs: You can't talk of reducing your costs without talking about preventive maintenance. You would rather choose to maintain what you already have, than to buy or construct any damaged part of your luxury pool cabana.

You should also know the negative consequences of neglecting maintenance.

What Will Happen When You Neglect Maintenance?
  1. Poor quality. Without maintenance, your luxury pool cabana turns old and disgusting with time.
  2. More repairs and replacements
  3. Shorter lifespan
  4. Your pool cabana will no longer serve its purpose of providing comfortability for relaxation and even shades.
Handy Tips for Luxury Pool Cabana Maintenance

Here are some tips in keeping the cabana healthy and lasting:

  1. Use mild soap with warm/cold water to clean various portions of the cabana by rubbing carefully. Rinse thoroughly and proceed to air dry it. You may also expose it to the sun for natural drying.
  2. You can easily brush off loose dirt particles with a hose and a brush with soft bristles.
  3. As often as you can, check for peeled off metal parts, scratches, worn out materials, dents, loose bolts and repair them as soon as possible.
  4. Lubricate moving parts with silicone spray.
  5. Lastly, avoid the use of mild soap or hot water.

Your cabana won't look so luxurious when it isn't as sparkling as it used to be or when the structures are damaged, torn/worn out. This is why you have to follow these tips like a tail in the rear. Repairs and servicing done on time can extend the lifespan of the structure.

Luxury Pool Cabana Maintenance

Hiring Professional Luxury Pool Cabana Maintenance Services

You will only prolong the life of a luxury pool cabana when you have a professional to maintain it. More importantly:

  1. It will prevent costly repairs.
  2. Peace of mind: You know your job is done correctly and safely.
  3. A professional service can provide expert advice on pool cabana maintenance.
  4. Customized service: A professional service can provide customized services based on the unique needs of your luxury pool cabana after assessing and identifying the potential problems. In other words, you get cleaning, upgrades and repairs.
  5. Time management: Hiring a professional service will help you save more time.


A common question that we often get is ‘How do I get a professional that's reliable for this job?'. First, a professional must have a reputable review on several similar jobs. Also, ask for references from those who have used their service. It will help you match your needs with who's available. Finally, compare the prices from different service providers. Alternatively, you can save yourself the headache by scheduling an appointment with BMWemple pools for all your pool services.

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