Luxury Pool Deck Maintenance

Pool Deck Maintenance

Pool decks hold equal significance as the pools they surround. A pool deck provides a place to unwind and bask in the sun's warmth, enhancing the overall experience.

However, you need to take care of your pool deck if you want them to remain as aesthetic and functional as they are meant to be. In this guide, we'll be discussing some common problems and the most important tips for luxury pool decks maintenance.

Common problems with luxury pool decks

There are three major problems that you might be experiencing when it comes to your pool decks.

  1. Cracking: Cracking is when the deck begins to chip away at the edges or even break. Even when it is just one tile, it can make the entire deck look untidy and can also pose the risk of injury when you trip on it. Cracking can be caused from an improper installation or even exposure to extreme weather elements.
  2. Fading: Fading is when the color of the decking seems to be disappearing and not in an aesthetic way. The deck will then look old and dull. Constant exposure to the sun is what usually causes fading.
  3. Mold/mildew growth: If your house is close to a humid area or water stores under the decks, then there could be mold or mildew growth. This alters the overall appearance. Growth of these organisms is also not healthy for anyone swimming.
Luxury Pool Deck Maintenance

Best practices for luxury pool deck maintenance

Now that you know the major problems you could encounter with your pool deck, here are the best ways to combat these problems. Note that there are more luxury pool deck maintenance tips, but these are the best and most important.

Clean as often as you can

Have you heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure?' It is better to prevent the damage than to try to repair it. One good way to prevent damage is to clean the pool deck regularly. Not only will this help with the mold growth problem, but it will also prevent the deck from looking old and rusty due to dust. Also, cleaning helps to prevent the deck from accumulating slime which can later lead to a slippery flooring.

But what about fading? Regular cleaning doesn't fade out your pool deck unless it is done with harsh chemicals. Depending on the material of your pool deck, use only the recommended cleaning material with water. Make sure you also dry the pool deck after proper rinsing. As for how often you should clean your pool, do so once every week, depending on how often you use your pool.

Seal and Stain

Another thing you should be doing regularly is to seal; but it also depends on the type of finishing on your pool deck. While some luxury pool decks need to be sealed every year, others might need you to do so once in two years, or even later.

But why do you need to do this? It is for different reasons.

  1. Sealing helps you sustain the beauty of your luxury pool deck for as long as possible - years even.
  2. Also, sealing helps to protect your deck from harsh weather, especially the sun. That way, your deck will not fade.
Fix Cracks Immediately

Cracks happen for different reasons; as it has been mentioned above. But the issue arises when you leave it for a long time. Immediately you see a chip, call a professional to fix it. Remember that the reason for a crack in the first place is poor installation. You wouldn't want to risk another crack by trying it yourself if you don't have the experience.

Luxury Pool Deck Maintenance

DIY vs. professional maintenance

DIY [Do It Yourself] procedures involve doing the repairing and luxury pool deck maintenance yourself. DIY has only one benefit - saving cost, but it has more cons than pros. Some of the cons of DIY and pros of Professional Maintenance include:

  1. Experience: Professionals have the expertise to know what to use depending on the kind of material your pool deck is made of. Skip the guesswork and go for a guarantee.
  2. Quality: When you opt for professional care, instead of DIY, you will get the quality of a trained luxury pool deck maintenance personnel.
  3. Overall Cost: You might think you will spend less when you DIY but in the actual sense of things, if you make mistakes, you will end up spending twice the amount you would have spent on maintenance.

Note that if you only need to clean, you might not need to call a professional. Do so when it requires fixing or any other technical assistance.


Regular luxury pool deck maintenance keeps your deck looking new and appealing. It also stays hazard-free and healthy for swimmers. Professional help will grant you quality service with a guarantee for your investment. They will also ensure that your property is well-taken care of based on their experience and expertise. With 34 years of experience, our professional team at BMWemple will give you the best service in luxury pool deck maintenance. Give us a call today for a consultation!

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