Pebble Tec Pools: Everything You Need to Know

Pebble Tec Pools

Pool Finishing is one of the most important parts of installing a pool. This is why most people need to be informed on how to create the perfect finish that will increase the durability and aesthetics of the pool.

For most, Pebble Tec is the answer to the question of searching for the perfect pool finish. With Pebble tec, you can be assured of a durable, quality and aesthetically pleasing pool.

What is Pebble Tec Pool?

Pebble Tec is a shortened term used for Pebble technology, that allows you to use specified materials to help enhance the beauty of the pool naturally. The materials used also ensure that your pool stays the same as long as possible.

Pebble Tec Pools: Everything You Need to Know

How Does Pebble Tec Work

Pebble Tec is so versatile that it can be used for spa, pools and other water works designs. The idea is to use the finish and give it a coloring that gives your water surface sky blue or any color you prefer.

To achieve this, you would need to mix rock forms and cement to have a natural balance in appearance. The good news is that Pebble Tec is not prone to discoloration and it maintains the glow of the pool for a long time. Below are some other features of Pebble Tec that makes it one of the best materials for pool finishing.

1. It resists stains

One of the things to absolutely love about this pool finish is its ability to push off stains that plastered finishing is prone to. Simply put, you wouldn't have to worry about the interior of your pool getting stained as any staining agents that come to it will have a hard time getting fixed on the surface.

2. No accidental slips

Due to the materials used for Pebble Tec, the internal surface of the pool is not slippery and this makes it less likely for swimmers to slip and fall. Therefore, using Pebble Tec ensures the ratio of accidents in the pool is significantly reduced compared to using other finishings.

3. Low maintenance

Finishing the pool with Pebble Tec guarantees low maintenance. You won't have to do too much to keep the pool clean. This is because the pool surface is dirt/stain resistant. It also means you don't have to spend much time cleaning the pool.

4. Flexible outlook

Another unique feature of pebble Tec pool is flexibility. Using this type of finishing allows you to work with any pool design you have in mind. There is no rigid structure to follow and you can always adjust your design to suit your needs.

Pebble Tec Pools: Everything You Need to Know

Type of Pebble Tec

What differentiates Pebble Tec from each other is the finishing used in each pool finishing works. Most finishing will go with most types of pool. This means you can use any type of finishing you want whether your pool is indoor or outdoor. Here are the four types of pebble tec.

1. PebbleTec - The Original

Pebble Tec The Original is known for the earthy feeling it invokes. It allows you to use products of Pebble Tec that give a natural feel. The products used will also not allow slip and are resistant to stain.

The original are made of the largest pebbles. These will be used to give the pool surface different color variants.

Pebble Tec Pools: Everything You Need to Know
2. Pebble Sheen

The difference between the Pebble sheen and the original is in the size of the pebbles used. The sheen uses smaller pebbles than the originals. However, every other feature and functionality remains the same in terms of variety of colors, durability and stain resistance.

3. Pebble Finer

Pebble finer is quite unique. The pebbles have been grounded to a fine texture to give a smoother outlook than the pebble original and pebble sheen. You can also mix stardust with the fine pebbles to give it a unique sparkle.

4. Pebble Brilliance

This is a brilliant work that includes a blend of glass beads, natural stones, with a shimmer that gives the water a brilliant color, attractive elegance and competitive durability.

How to Build A Pebble Tec Pool?

1. Get the Pool Ready for Pebble Application

This is the first step if you want to apply Pebble tec. You'll need to prepare the surface of the pool by making it smooth. If it is a remodeling work, the surface of the pool will have to be removed and smoothened out.

2. Mixing

The next thing is for the applicator to mix up the finish for the prepped pool surface.

3. Spray Applicator

After the mixing, a spray applicator is used to spread the materials of the pebble tec into the pool surface using a hose till everywhere is covered in a consistent even manner.

This can then be followed by hand towelling the material to ensure a thorough mixture spread.

4. The Finishing

Next, your pebble tec applicator will add water to the surface using spray to the pool. This will help remove excess cement.

The exact method depends on the type of Pebble tec material in use. Remember that different materials can be used for the Pebble tec. They include the glass bead, natural stones and stardust.

5. Leave to Harden

This process almost concludes the pebble tec application. It involves leaving the applied Pebble to set and dry up till it hardens. The exact time needed for this depends on the type of pebble finish you chose.

6. Acid Wash & Detail

This concludes the whole process. All you need to do at this stage is to wash the pool with a specified acid solution that will remove excess pebbles left after application.

Ensure the chemicals you use to achieve this is well-balanced to avoid damage and for general safety.

Pebble Tec Pools: Everything You Need to Know

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