Pool and Hot Tub Combo Maintenance

Pool + Hot Tub Maintenance

Maintaining a pool and hot tub combo is more challenging than it seems.

You have to be aware of the pH levels of both bodies, the temperature, the needed chemicals to keep them body-safe, and so on. Also, you must be careful that cooler water does not leak into the hot or warm liquid in the hot tub. That is why you need to read to the end of this guide to know how to properly care for your pool and hot tub combo. If you are ready to learn all this and more about pool and hot tub combo maintenance, keep reading.

Tips for Maintaining a Pool and Hot Tub Combo

There are five essential tips you need to take note of during pool and hot tub combo care. They are:

Water Balance

Water balance refers to many things, but when it comes to a swimming pool, it is about the chemical components. The five components of interest are total dissolved liquids, stabilizers, calcium hardness, pH, and total alkalinity. While the last two are probably the most familiar, the five are essential to balance a water's chemical attributes.

Therefore, you must ensure your pool and hot tub stay within the ideal pH level (7.4 and 7.6). You must also keep the pool and hot tub between 100 and 150 ppm. While the swimming pool stays balanced for a longer period, the hot tub needs to be checked weekly due to its more frequent stimulations.

Pool and Hot Tub Combo Maintenance

Both parts of your pool should be cleaned regularly, not just when it appears dirty. For your pool, use a net to remove the debris from the pool, a vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool, and maybe drain the water if it's dirty. Pay attention to the filters, skimmers, and pump baskets for the hot tub because those parts should be addressed. If these components get clogged, it can damage the mechanism that makes a hot tub what it is.


Caring for a pool and hot tub combo requires certain chemicals so that you can continue using them safely and effectively. Some of the chemicals you should most likely adopt the use of include:

  1. Chlorine: As a disinfectant, it is used to kill many of the microorganisms in the water. It is also used to adjust the pH balance of the water. However, ensure that you wear gloves before handling the chemical as it harms the body. In the same way, read the instructions to know how and when to use it for your pool and hot tub combo.
  2. Balancers: Whether you are using a pH balancer or an alkalinity balancer, it is simply a chemical that helps to balance your water's chemical components (as discussed above). Proper care should also be taken before handling this chemical.
  3. Stabilizers: Finally, acids like cyanuric acid help with chlorine degradation in the pool. Since the hot tub is usually covered, there might not be a need for a stabilizer.

Whether your hot tub is powered by a heater or a pump, the mechanism needs to be maintained for effective use. To ensure that it is in good condition, check it regularly, call for regular servicing and maintenance, and clean it regularly.


Both swimming pools and hot tubs require covering. Though the covering type differs, they should be covered when not used. This will protect your hot tub and pool combo from debris, harsh weather conditions, and the sun's effect.

Pool and Hot Tub Combo Maintenance

Common Problems and Solutions

The following are some common things you can face during the pool and hot tub combo maintenance.

  1. Algae: Algae buildup collects on the wall and floor of your pool and hot tub. While some appear green, others could even float to the top like scum and make your pool appear gross and dirty. The types of algae commonly found in pools and hot tub combos are mustard, black, and green algae. To get rid of algae buildup, ensure water balance, clean your pool regularly, and use the right chemicals to remove the algae.
  2. Equipment Failure: The hot tub works because of the equipment that has been designed and placed inside of it. Some of these mechanisms could include the pump, heater, filter, and so on. Equipment failure can lead to the malfunction of the hot tub generally. To ensure that this does not happen, check the equipment regularly and service them when due. If the problem does arise, you can check for signs of wear and tear or seek professional help immediately.
  3. Leaks: A water level drop is a sure way to determine whether or not there is a leak in your pool or hot tub. While it is best to call a professional for help, you can detect the leak by filling your pool and hot tub with different dye colors. A pool detection kit is another less messy way to go about it.


Owning a pool and hot tub combo is cool and satisfying. But you have to maintain it if you want to maximize the potential of the pool. Nonetheless, as important as it is, many pool owners find the tasks overwhelming and challenging. No need for an alarm; BMWemple is one of the best pool maintenance providers in Oviedo, Fl. They can provide you with at-home pool maintenance services that are sure to keep your mind at rest. So stop hesitating and place the call now.

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