Pool Maintenance service: A Pro or DIY?

Pool Maintenance: Pro or DIY?

It's natural to want a clean and well-maintained swimming pool every time. Everyone does. But, not everyone is ready to do what is involved to keep the swimming pool both beautiful and usable.

While some people would prefer to maintain it by themselves (DIY), some would rather just call a professional to do the work.

This article explains in detail all you need to know about professional pool maintenance service vs DIY.

Pool Maintenance service: A Pro or DIY

What Does Professional Pool Maintenance Do?

Professional pool maintenance happens when specially licensed people clean, and maintain a swimming pool to keep it safe and functional. They are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and the right types of equipment and chemicals to achieve a perfect job.

Before you hire professional pool maintenance, you should be well acquainted with what they are coming to do. These include:

  • Cleaning the pool surface: while they have to clean and maintain the pool, their duty won't be complete if they leave the surface dirty. So they must equally clean the surface of the pool and the poolside. They do this by using vacuums and brushes to do a proper job.
  • Cleaning the Pool water
  • Cleaning and brushing the pool's deck and wall area
  • Checking the pool's PH level
  • Checking the water level
  • Cleaning the skimmer's basket
  • Keeping the filters functional

Why You Should Hire Them Instead of DIY

Cleaning your pool by yourself has some advantages. They include:

  • Saving yourself a few dollars
  • Enjoying the therapeutic effect of cleaning
  • Exercising

However, if you call a professional, you would discover the advantages of using a professional far outweighs the DIY method.

Here are reasons you should hire a professional pool maintenance service.

a. Gives you more time for yourself

The best way to save yourself some time to do more important things is to call a professional to get the job done. DIY may be therapeutic and less costly, but will surely take your time.

Since time is money, you can save yourself some dollars by hiring professionals to get your pool cleaned.

b. Periodic Services

This is another reason you should employ a professional. Your pool should be clean and safe for swimming at all times. While you may not be able to do this yourself regularly, a professional pool service will schedule periodic cleaning.

It could be weekly or bi-weekly. And every time they come, they do a thorough job of ensuring the pool is cleaned.

c. Avoid Pool Deterioration

If you have a pool that is not properly monitored and maintained, it stands the chance of deteriorating very fast. However, with a professional service, they would maintain the pool, and notice and fix any damage or leak before it becomes a big deal.

Doing this will protect the value of your pool and save you a lot of money in the future.

d. Save yourself from the research

If you are going for DIY, the first place you will want to look out for information is on the internet. And you will find a lot of materials on how to clean your pool yourself. However , the chances you'll also find contradictory or wrong information is high.

Applying wrong information could lead to equipment or pool damage. It is therefore better to prevent yourself from unnecessary research and the potential damage it may have on your pool. Just call a professional to get the job done.

Pool Maintenance service: A Pro or DIY

When You Should Hire The Professional Pool Maintenance

You need professional pool maintenance when you need your pool to be properly cleaned.

Also, when you need to correctly apply chemicals to your pool water and balance the PH level of the pool. It is best to call a professional for this. With a professional, you will get the water tested and be sure the chemical level is adequate.

You should call a professional if you also would love your equipment such as pumps, pipes, and pool liners checked for leaks etc.

While you may be tempted to do these things yourself, a professional is trained to see even a minor issue and address it before it becomes a major issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. How difficult is it to maintain a pool?

Maintaining a pool by yourself is achievable and sometimes it could even be therapeutic. But when it has to be done often, it could quickly become a chore.

You have to consider:

  • If you can regularly clean your pool properly.
  • If you can adequately circulate the pool water
  • If you know to maintain the chemical balance of the pool
  • If you can easily take care of the pool's equipment.

Now, if you can do all these efficiently, it won't be difficult for you. But, if you don't have the time, skills, or the patience to do these four things, you will find it difficult to maintain the pool by yourself. On the other hand, using a professional service totally removes any difficulty from you.

b. Can you do pool maintenance yourself?

Yes! You can do pool maintenance by yourself. You need the right equipment, skills, and time to be able to do it efficiently. It could also be energy-draining if you DIY.

Nonetheless, this doesn't remove the possibility that you can do it yourself. If you feel tired or drained or you just prefer to lounge, don't hesitate to call for professional service.

Pool Maintenance service: A Pro or DIY

To DIY Or Not

Ultimately, the decision to DIY or go professional remains with you. Pool maintenance can go two ways: DIY or Professional service. In this post, we've successfully provided all you need to make an informed decision. While DIY is achievable, it may not give you the perfect result and over a long period, it may reduce the value of your pool.

Professional pool service, on the other hand, may cost you a few more dollars, but it will eventually save the value of your pool, put your equipment in a top-notch state and ensure you always have a clean, and functional pool that you can always enjoy with your loved ones.

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