Pool Renovation Checklist: Your Complete Pool Renovation Guide

Pool Renovation Guide

Having a pool in your house is fantastic! It could be a place to relax and catch some fun. But, this goal becomes defeated when the pool has a lot of tears and wears that need to be repaired.

If you feel your pool has been a source of more worry than relaxation lately, it is time to renovate it. Here is a pool renovation checklist to guide you.

Pool Renovation Checklist

1. Itemize your pool needs and wants.

Writing down your pool needs and wants brings a lot of clarity to you. You will put the pool's needs at the top of the list while you include the wants. Your pool needs should include necessary repairs that would make the pool safe and functional. While your pool wants could include the addition of some things that would make the pool more beautiful or more relaxing.

It could also be a total restructuring to change the outlook of the pool. It is important to go for needs first before wants. If your pool is beautiful, but leaks or the pumps are not working well, it could be a big problem.

2. Fix the damages

After identifying your pool's needs and wants, it is time to fix the damages. Fixing the damages is a pool's need. Since you've identified where the damages are and what needs to be done, you can easily get the services of professional pool remodelling services and let them fix the damages for you.

Fixing your pool's damage makes your pool safer for swimming and also more attractive to the look.

Your Complete Pool Renovation Guide

3. Add a facelift

Talking about looks, one of the things you can do to improve the look of your swimming pool is to give it a total facelift. Change the tiles to some wooden features. Add a new liner, some marble stones, and work on the deck and walkway.

You can also add some lighting features to make the place look exotic. With a facelift, you would be more attracted to your pool and that means more relaxing moments for you.

Your Complete Pool Renovation Guide

4. Remodel some water features

Nothing spells relaxation like a waterfall on your naked back. This is why you enjoy going to a waterfall. The good news is you can feature a waterfall in your swimming pool. With the help of a professional pool reconstruction service, they could help you reroute your pool such that you have a waterfall section or even a fountain in the pool just for your pleasure.

Your Complete Pool Renovation Guide

5. Include a Spa

Nothing spells luxury more than adding a spa to your pool. With a spa, you can further stretch your relaxing moments. You may need the help of a masseuse to enjoy the spa addition, but a Spa in your backyard is an all-time yes!

6. Research and pick the best pool reconstruction service

The pool renovations may not be possible without the aid of a professional. This is why you have to do your research and choose only the best professional service. You can research the best professional service by checking if the company is licensed and insured, if they have gathered years of experience and if they have pictorial evidence of their works.

You can also find out from neighbors if they offer good services. This ensures your pool is going to the best hands possible and guarantees that your investment will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the steps in pool renovation?

The pool renovation is a step-by-step process. The following steps should be taken:

Drain the pool water

The first process is to drain the pool water completely. This will reveal the inside of the pool and make it easy to see the places that need repairs.

Prime the pool's surface

Priming the pool's surface involves chipping out the old tiles and edges and priming the surface to smooth it.

Retile the pool

After the chipping and priming, the next stage involves retiling the pool. Since the pool is old, it will need new tiles. You can decide to introduce new designs to your tiling method and rebrand the whole pool.

Re-do the pool's deck

Your pool renovation is not complete if you leave out the deck. So you should change the deck tiles too or you may even choose to use modern wooden materials this time around. Anything that suits your personality or taste. Just ensure it is beautiful.

Add fresh water

At this stage, fill the newly renovated pool with fresh water and let the wonder of a new design come to life. You may feel like diving right into it and swimming but, you should check the pH level of the pool first.

Test the pool pH level and add the right chemical

No matter how tempting it is, hold on a bit and check if the chemical composition of the pool water is ok. If it's not, add some more chemicals to ensure it is now safe for swimming. Wait for some hours to allow the chemical to mix properly with the water.

2. How do you make an old pool look new?

If you've been using your pool for some years, it's only natural that it is looking old. To make it look new again, you need to remodel it. It could even be a blessing because now, you can use some modern designs in redecorating.

You will need to change the tiles, work on the deck, and rebrand your patio. If you want it to be a spot of beauty and recreation, add some LED light to your pool lighting. The LED light will change colours from white, red, blue, purple and magenta at intervals. By doing this, you will be giving your old pool an instant facelift.

3. When should I remodel my pool?

You should remodel your pool when you notice the following

  • The water level keeps dropping. This is a sign that suggests that the tile may be cracked and the pool water is seeping out.
  • The pool liner is torn and needs a change
  • The deck is old
  • You are bored with the pool's design and you need a new theme or you want something adventurous like a waterfall.

    In Need of the Best Professionals for Your Pool Renovations?

    Renovating your pool extends its life and guarantees you get the best out of it. Following the renovation checklist above can help you know what to expect from a renovation and how to get the best contractors.

    For pool renovations to be satisfying, it has to be done properly. The pool has to be both beautiful and functional. Anything short of that could mean a big waste of your investment. This is why you should hire BMWemple to take care of all your pool renovation needs. Licensed and insured with many active years of experience, you can trust BMWemple to handle your project efficiently.

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