The Basics of Endless Swimming Pool Maintenance

Endless Pool Maintenance

If you have an endless swimming pool, then you have landed a big win.

Not only are they fantastic to have, but they also offer a whole new level of relaxation and even exercise. Just like every other kind of swimming pool, you also need to care for your endless pools, if you wish to ensure their longevity and efficiency. In this article, we will look at three major segments; the common issues faced during endless swimming pool maintenance, some tips to take note of, and the difference between getting professional help and doing it yourself. If you are set to learn all of these, then jump right in.

Common Issues with Endless Swimming Pools

Though, endless swimming pools face some of the issues that regular swimming pools face, here are some of the things you might need to pay more attention to when maintaining an endless swimming pool.

Clogged Filters

The filters of your pool might be clogged by debris that accumulates over a long period. Since the endless pool is usually without covering unlike a hot tube or a swimming pool, there is a higher tendency for things like hair, leaves, dirt, bird poop, and so on to fall into your pool and contaminate the water or even worse, clog the filter.

Malfunctioning Pumps

Another thing that is very common to endless pools is malfunctioning pumps. Though there are some other things that can cause this to happen such as refusal to service them regularly or leaving them to dirt. However, just like all machines, the pumps are also susceptible to malfunctioning. When this happens, the pool loses circulation and causes the water quality to go bad.

Algae Growth

It's not just swimming pools that suffer from algae buildup. Even while caring for an endless swimming pool, you might come across algae stuck to the walls and floor of the pool. This occurs when the pool is not properly or frequently maintained and cleaned.

Though these three issues make your pool appear dirty, and uninviting, they also pose some harmful effects to the user. The presence of algae in the water, for instance, can lead to skin irritation, eye burn, and itchy skin.

The Basics of Endless Swimming Pool Maintenance

Endless Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Now that you know of the problems, it is time for the tips.

  1. Test the water and ensure chemistry balance: It is important that you keep the water balanced at all times. While this is essential for the user, it is also important if you want to keep the wall and the floor of the pool free from scaling, staining, and even worse, corrosion.
  2. Clean the pool weekly: Depending on how often you use the pool, you need to clean it. Remember that it is not enough just to clean, but to do it properly. Clean the walls, and the floor of the endless pool as well as the filter, skimmer basket, jets, and so on. Removing clogs and blockage is also part of the drill. You can invest in an automatic pool cleaner for more timely and efficient performance.
  3. Inspect your pool: Don't wait for bad things to happen before you do something about it. Check the pool regularly for leaks, deformity, structural imbalance, wear and tear, and so on. When you detect these things early, they are usually easier to manage and fix.
  4. Read and follow instructions: Every product comes with a manual. Whenever you have an issue or need to do something, take out the manufacturer's guide and look through it for help. There are also some endless swimming pool maintenance tips that are written within. Check it out and follow them to the letter.
The Basics of Endless Swimming Pool Maintenance

DIY vs. Professional Maintenance

Maintaining an endless swimming pool can either be done DIY or with the intervention of a professional. But how can you tell when the issue has surpassed DIY and requires a professional? Here are some tips to help.

  1. Though DIY is cheaper, it is also riskier. Professional pool service providers have the experience and expertise to ensure that your pool gets the proper maintenance. They know what to add for water balance as well as the optimal quantity.
  2. Professional service providers have top-grade equipment that can find clogging debris where you cannot without damaging any other components.
  3. If you have less time to properly care for your pool, consider opting for professional help, because caring for an endless swimming pool takes time.


Just like every other pool, it is essential to maintain your endless swimming pool if you want it to remain in good condition. Some of the common things you could face during maintenance include clogging, algae growth, and malfunctioning equipment. But with regular checkups, cleaning, and the attainment of water balance, you can beat these issues. However, remember to seek professional help when it goes beyond what you can handle. For professional pool maintenance services in Oviedo, FL, contact BMWemple today.

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