The Best Way for you to Maintain your Fiberglass Pool

Maintaining your Fiberglass Pool

If you've ever researched pool types, you know that you can choose from a wide variety of pool types for your backyard. Each type of pool will require different materials, structures, advantages, and disadvantages, so the maintenance of each kind of pool will come with a variety of different steps when it comes to maintaining it.

A fiberglass pool is generally loved by many families because of its high durability, luxurious and modern appearance, along with its quick and easy installation. It does not require much effort and cost for continuous maintenance.

If you already have a fiberglass pool or are looking into installing a fiberglass pool and are curious about how to properly maintain it, we've got the answers.

1. Water Chemistry Maintenance

Any professional in the pool industry will tell you that water chemistry maintenance is an indispensable part of helping you have a clean swimming pool. It keeps it as beautiful as when it was newly built.

Pools made of fiberglass require fewer chemical changes because of their inert surface. The most crucial aspect of keeping a fiberglass pool is testing and caring for the water. You can maintain stable water chemistry to guarantee bather safety and equipment lifespan by:

  • Using a reliable test kit to check the pH, total alkalinity, and sanitizer levels regularly
  • Collecting water samples on the other side of the return jet at a depth of at least 18 inches.
  • Every month, test for metals, cyanuric acid, and calcium hardness.

Every month during swimming season and just before you close your pool for the season, bring a water sample in for a thorough water analysis at a reputable pool dealer. In addition to routine testing, send a sample every time you encounter a water problem you can't resolve on your own.

Maintaining your Fiberglass Pool

2. Run Your Pool Filter

Running your pool filter is a critical component to maintaining your pool. Here's a few simple things to do to keep your filter running adequately:

Clean your pool

One of the simplest ways you can protect your fiberglass pool is to use a tarp to cover your pool when not using the pool often. This simple task can save you time and effort when it comes to keeping your pool clean.

A fiberglass pool's smooth, nonporous Gelcoat surface leaves little place for unwanted visitors like algae. As a result, it needs less effort overall and less brushing.

With a skimming net and telescopic pole, you may remove leaves, bugs, and other unattractive floating objects if you spot them. You might also use a pool vacuum to remove debris from the pool bottom.

Maintaining your Fiberglass Pool
What should you do to run your pool filter?

Every pool needs a filtering system. But for how long should it remain?

For fiberglass pools, one daily circulation is sufficient to maintain crystal-clear water. By doing so, you save money and electrical energy.

This formula may be used to determine the required amount of time: hours to operate the filter = filtration rate x pool volume

For example, consider a 17,000-gallon pool with a 2,400-gallon-per-hour filtration, like the C40 pool model. This calculation indicates that the filter should operate for around 7 hours daily.

Maintaining your Fiberglass Pool
Water Level Maintenance

Maintain the water level in your pool near the middle of the skimmer plate for optimum performance. If the water level is too low, the pump may lose prime and sustain damage. Alternatively, a water level that is too high can reduce your skimmer's efficiency. Never empty a fiberglass pool on your own without help from a professional. Most fiberglass pools can sustain damage when improperly drained due to ground pressure; this leads to the walls, floor drooping, bulging, and cracking.

3. The equipment you need to take care of the fiberglass pool

  • The skimmer: This is the "window" on your open pool wall, just above the water line. Some of the bigger surface particles are removed from your swimming pool's water as it circulates (slowly, invisibly) towards the skimmer rather than sinking to the bottom. The basket that collects the leaves and other floating objects is often accessible from a small cover on the deck. It should be examined as part of your regular maintenance schedule for your fiberglass pool.
  • Strainer Pot: You'll find the strainer pot at the front of your pump. Plus, a basket system safeguards the pump and impeller. If you're using a standard suction side vacuum, the debris removed by the vacuum is placed in the strainer pot.
  • A filter: It is what collects all the minute particles that have escaped the skimmer basket or strainer pot, such as sand or tanning oil. As directed by the manufacturer, the filter should be cleaned.
  • The brush: Fiberglass resists algae growth, which is good, but occasionally you could see some debris on the pool wall. Usually, you can scrape it off with a fast swipe or two of the brush.
  • Skimmer Net: This is not the same as the skimmer in your pool. Here, we're referring to the telescoping pole with the somewhat taut net. This is for manually clearing away surface-level trash, such as leaves, insects, and flower petals.
  • The hose and vacuum head: This is the most popular technique for thoroughly cleaning/clearing dirt from the pool bottom and sides. The vacuum head features wheels, a telescopic pole connection, and a spot to attach the suction hose.
Maintaining your Fiberglass Pool

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