Why Do People Use Blue Tiles for Swimming Pools?

Why Do People Use Blue Tiles?

How many times have you checked out a swimming pool and found that the base tiles for the pool are a striking blue color? Have you ever wondered why this is so?

First, color preference is not a mere coincidence. It has a purpose, which we will examine in this guide today. Also, multiple types of blue tiles can be used for your pool. These and more are the elements that will be examined in this article. So, if you are set to know all about 'blue tiles for swimming pools,' let's dive right in.

Why Choose Blue Tiles for Your Swimming Pool?

The following are the reasons blue tiles are popularly used:

  1. It is pleasing to the eye: Using blue for your pool will create a beautiful and pleasing scene. You can also choose between dark or lighter shades to tell the mood of your pool.
  2. It is easily complementary: Blue is one of the few colors complementing other swimming pool designs. You can be modern, rustic, or even sleek with any shade of blue. It also pairs well with numerous decking options.
  3. It enhances the look of the water: Blue tiles enhance the look and feel of the water, especially when the sunlight reflects on it.
  4. Durable: Blue tiles are also easier to maintain than other colors. Unlike other colors that could easily fade out, blue is the natural color assigned to water bodies, making it even more befitting.
Why Do People Use Blue Tiles for Swimming Pools?

Types of Blue Tiles for Swimming Pools

'Blue tiles for swimming pool' designs come in many types. They can be categorized based on the design, the shade, or even the material it is made of. While the color and the design are completely based on preference, the material is much more. Pool tiles of blue color can be made from ceramic, porcelain, or glass.

Why Do People Use Blue Tiles for Swimming Pools?
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Ceramic Tiles

If you want a natural tile, choose a blue ceramic tile. It is made from water, powder, and clay, giving it a hard but shiny finish. Some pros of the tile include its affordability, easy cleaning properties, and many design options. However, the ceramic tile is prone to cracking and chipping after a while.

Why Do People Use Blue Tiles for Swimming Pools?
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Porcelain Tiles

This is a denser version of ceramic tiles. It is also more water-resistant, which erases its tendency to chip or crack. Another pro of porcelain is its many designs with an option of glaze or hue effects. However, they are more expensive than ceramic tiles.

Why Do People Use Blue Tiles for Swimming Pools?
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Glass Tiles

Glass tiles add the most luxurious touch to your pool and can be made into many designs and shapes. It could also be made with a mixture of different blue shades. It is highly durable and chemical resistant. However, glass tiles are difficult to install and the most expensive.

Choosing the Right Shade of Blue Tile for Your Swimming Pool

Remember something about the blue shade? The shade also matters when picking a blue tile for your pool. While some pools use a darker shade, others use a brighter hue. A few others even mix two or more shades together for a blend of colors. How can you tell which one is best for your pool? Here are a few pointers to guide you rightly.

Look around:

The first thing to do is look around the pool's environment. How your house or the pool's surroundings look can hint at whether a shade will work well for the pool. If you have a modern, sleek finish to the environment around the pool, then a brighter shade will do justice. However, the cooler shade will pull the entire outlook together if vines surround your pool and vegetation. Similarly, a mix of both shades will work well if your pool directly faces the sunlight.

How's the Light?

Another way to tell whether or not you need a darker or brighter shade is the kind of lighting your pool receives. If your pool is indoors, and the artificial lighting is not the brightest, then a lighter shade might be better so that you can see the curbs more easily. But if your pool is well-lit by a natural or artificial source, you can settle for darker shades.

Depth Indicator:

Kiddies' pools are usually filtered with brighter shades of blue to signal that the pool is shallow. If your pool is deeper, a deeper shade can help tell divers that swimming is okay.

Test the Shades:

If you are still confused about what shade will suit your pool the best, you are free to test with different hues. If you are buying your tiles from the manufacturer, you can order samples. In the same way, you can get inspired by looking through showrooms and see which tile shade appeals to you the most.

Why Do People Use Blue Tiles for Swimming Pools?

Note that whether or not your pool is indoor or outdoor can affect the shade. A pool with darker tiles will appear brighter under the sun than a pool with brighter tiles under a roof.


If you have yet to use blue tiles for your swimming pool, you are missing out. The blue tiles give your pool a vibrant look, and a more natural feel, making it appear neater. Blue tiles are also easy to pair with other designs and decking options. So if you wish to renovate your pool, check out BMWemple. As masters of authentic pool installation and renovations, you will be shocked at how your pool will move from dull to lively and perfect after one service. Don't hesitate any longer. Schedule your appointment to transform your pool today!

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