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Pool Spa Therapy Jetpack in Orlando, Florida

Modular. Customizable. Interchangeable. Upgradable.

For decades, concrete spa owners have had to settle for only the most basic therapeutic jet options and limited seating comfort. Now Paramount JetPaks have changed that forever. Paramount JetPaks Spa Jets are removable jetted seat backs that are engineered to deliver what you want; therapy options and comfort for concrete spas. These interchangeable JetPaks deliver some of the most advanced spa fittings that until now were only available in portable spas. This cutting edge technology gives you peace of mind to enjoy the ultimate reason for purchasing a spa… deserved rest and relaxation.


  • Hydro-therapy
  • Incredible power
  • Maximum versatility
  • Interchangeable
  • Easy to install
  • Unsurpassed comfort
  • Fully upgradeable

JetPak Options

Oscillator JetPak

The Oscillator is the original JetPak. Exclusive Vera'ssage jets oscillate in an up-and-down pattern to create an experience that mimics the sensation of four hands delivering a deep-tissue massage.

ClusterSpray JetPak

The ClusterSpray features a delightful arrangement of jets for a soft, yet powerful massage that is incredibly soothing for the entire back. This JetPak is ideal for all seats in any design.

Spinal'ssage JetPak

Designed for complete wellness of the spinal region. Adjustable jets provide a broad range of intensity to offer targeted therapy to the delicate spinal muscles and surrounding tissues.

Available in 4 designer colors




Midnight Canyon

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