Pool Renovation Ideas

Pool Renovation Ideas from BM Wemple Pools

Professional Pool Renovation and Repair Services in Oviedo, FL

If you're thinking about renovating or remodeling your swimming pool, BM Wemple Pools is here to help! Our team has helped homeowners throughout the Oviedo, FL area to make their pools bigger and better. Whether you're interested in pool decking and installation, pool resurfacing, or any other services, we're the team to call. We know that many homeowners are thinking about remodeling their pools, but don't know where to start. We've prepared some pool renovation ideas to help you get the ball rolling. The great news is that pool remodels don't have to break the bank! Check out these ideas and contact us to get started.

Pool Resurfacing

High-Quality Pool Resurfacing Services

Over the years, every component of your pool is likely to wear out, including its interior. BM Wemple Pools specializes in professional pool resurfacing for homeowners in Oviedo, FL and the surrounding areas. There are many options for resurfacing your swimming pool, and a brand new finish can change its appearance for the better. With all the options available, you'll need some guidance on which way to go with your pool resurface. We'll give you a general overview here, and we're also happy to speak with you about your unique pool and preferences.

Pool cleaning and Calcium Stain Removal in Oviedo FL

Expert Calcium Stain Removal Services

Calcium is good for your bones, but not for your swimming pool. The team at BM Wemple Pools wants to help you keep your Oviedo, FL area pool calcium free. If you notice scale deposits in your pool, you likely have calcium buildup. Removing calcium from your pool tile will make it safe to swim in. It's important to know what you can do to remove calcium from your pool and when you should call the professionals. Hard water, evaporation, and chemicals all can lead to calcium deposits, as can heated pools and those with high pH levels. Check out this guide to calcium stain removal, and contact us to get the job done right.

Pool Rock Refurbishing

Artificial Pool Rock Refurbishing Services

If your pool has rock work and features, the team at BM Wemple Pools is here to help repair, maintain, and refurbish it. As Oviedo, FL's trusted swimming pool experts, we can take care of your artificial rock waterfall and any other elaborate rock features. Rock features add a whole new level of style to swimming pools, but over time they're likely to fade, crack, or otherwise become damaged. Contact our team for any pool services you need, including repair, decking, resurfacing, rock work, stonescapes, and more.

Pool plumbing services in the Orlando Area

High-Quality Pool Plumbing Services

Your pool's plumbing is an extremely important part of its anatomy. BM Wemple Pools repairs, replaces, and maintains swimming pool plumbing equipment in Oviedo, FL. Since you don't see your pool's plumbing, it's easy to ignore it until something breaks down. Your pool's plumbing can be compared to your heart and circulation system because when they don't work, neither does anything else. Our experienced professionals offer a variety of swimming pool plumbing services, from elaborate modifications to simple leak repairs. The Florida sun can take its toll on plumbing, but we're here to help. Learn more about what we can do for your pool and contact us today to schedule service.

Swimming pool draining services in the Orlando Area

Expert Pool Draining Services

Enjoying your pool's water should be refreshing and relaxing. Pool draining is required in certain circumstances, and should not be performed on your own. The experienced pool pros at BM Wemple Pools are here to drain your swimming pool professionally. Our team can drain your pool when needed, and we provide services such as pool repair, repainting, cleaning, and more. We'll explain the reasons why your swimming pool might need to be drained and how often it may be required. Contact us to learn more and find out if your pool needs to be drained.

Pool Walkthrough

Swimming Pool Walkthroughs in Central Florida

Pool Inspections for New Builds & First-Time Homebuyers

Owning a swimming pool is a blessing, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. BM Wemple Pools offers swimming pool walkthroughs for homeowners in Central Florida. Our team receives many calls from new residents who have just purchased a home with a pool but have no idea how to use it or keep it well-maintained.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Orlando FL

Professional Pool Cleaning Services in Central Florida

Allow Our Experts to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Living in Central Florida affords plenty of opportunities to use your swimming pool each year. The team at BM Wemple Pools offers professional pool cleaning services for homeowners. A dirty pool can put a damper on swimming season, and there are also germs and health hazards lurking beneath the surface. Whether your pool needs a quick cleaning or is showing signs of more serious issues, our pool cleaners are here for you.

Pool Repair

Professional Pool Repair Services in Central Florida

Swimming Pool Services for Homeowners

Living in Central Florida gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy your swimming pool. But when something goes wrong, you may be unable to swim without risking your health or safety. BM Wemple Pools offers comprehensive swimming pool repair services for homeowners. Our pool repair technicians can help with pool leaks, plumbing issues, auto control, and more.

Swimming Pool Decking Services in Oviedo FL

Premium Pool Decking Services

Your pool's deck is an important but often overlooked aspect of your home. BM Wemple Pools is proud to be your Oviedo, FL expert for all things pools, including pool service, repair, renovation, decking, and more. Your pool's water is the star of the show, but the supporting cast also plays pivotal roles in helping you enjoy swimming, tanning, or relaxing poolside. Your pool's decking determines how safe your pool is for swimmers and how well it fits into your landscape. You may refer to it as your pool patio, and it is an excellent place for tables, lounge chairs, and other furniture. Read on to learn more about factors and materials to consider when choosing pool decking.

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