• Adjustments to PH may be required if calcium hardness exceeds 300.
  • Adjustments to Alkalinity or partial drainage of pool may be required should stabilizer exceed 75.
  • Shock treatment or super chlorination should be done as pool requires.
  • A stain and scale preventative treatment may be required weekly or bi-weekly (see instructions on bottle—mainly for well water pools).
  • When adding water to the pool, an additional dosage of stain and scale preventative treatment is required.
  • It is extremely important to test and balance your pool's water after a heavy rain or after adding water. Large quantities of water can drastically change your pool's water balance. Calcium hardness is very important and should also be tested weekly.
  • Do not rely totally on your pool professional; it is your responsibility to test and understand your pool's water chemistry.
  • Should anyone give you different chemical requirements than the ones listed below, contact B.M. Wemple Pools.
  • We are here to assist you should you have any questions regarding your pool or pool chemistry.

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