BM Wemple Pools has been servicing pools since 1978. We have accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours of pool service & maintenance expertise. We know what needs to be done weekly, monthly and yearly so you can get the most enjoyment our of your pool. Our pool technicians understand that customer satisfaction is our first priority, and will do what is required to leave your pool in tip-top shape.

Full Service

Your pool technician will come to your pool weekly to check and adjust the water chemistry. They may also skim the pool, brush the water-line tile, vacuum the pool, and empty the skimmer and pump baskets as needed. They will clean your pool filter on a monthly basis - or more often if needed. Once finished, our technicians will leave you a card with your chemical readings, concerns they may have about your pool equipment, and recommeneded courses of action.

Cleaning Service

Your pool technician will carry out all of the above services except vacuuming. This service level is designed for those customers who have a robotic pool cleaner, automatic floor cleaning system, or simply don't require a weekly vacuum.

Recovery Service

A blue pool is a happy pool. We have an arsenal of methods to take your pool from green to clean - even when there is no power going to the pool. Every pool is different, so call us to schedule a review and tailored cost estimate.

Seasonal Service

When asking us for an estimate please be aware that our monthly service charges do not change during the different pool seasons so the price given to you will be a year-round figure. If you wish to have your pool serviced during the summer season only, you will pay a higher monthly charge.

Minimum Service Period

We have no minimum service period. You may discontinue service at any time.

BM Wemple is fully state licensed and authorized to work on all of your pool's systems. Our Pool Contractor License is CPC 039935. We can address problems with the following:

  • leaks
  • pumps
  • motors
  • filters
  • plumbing
  • salt systems
  • cleaning systems
  • heating systems
  • automated control systems
  • pool cleaners
  • drain covers
  • wall fittings
  • lighting
  • and more

Our team of experts will keep you fully informed about the scope and schedule of the work. We have a variety of solutions and upgrades available to repair and revitalize your pool.

We invite you to ask questions - an informed customer is a satisfied customer!

We receive many calls from new residents that have just bought a house with a pool, but have no idea how to use it.

We can show you how to get the most out of your new investment. Contact us for a service visit, where we walk you through all aspects of your pool systems. We can label your systems, and evaluate any problems they may be having. We will review what you need to do on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to keep your pool happy and healthy.

Whether you're a first-time pool owner, or looking for a refresher course in keeping your pool in great shape, scheduling a pool walkthrough is time well spent.

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